Peace Dialogue
National peace dialogue reaches consensus on sustaining peace

The Provincial Premiers reiterated their commitment to work closely with the central government on accelerating reforms to develop all Provinces.

SDG Solutions
10 SDG Solutions for Asia-Pacific

Entitled “10 Solutions to Help Meet the SDGs,” the report describes large-scale projects in ten countries in the region – Bangladesh, China, India, Iran, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, the Solomon Islands and Timor Leste – that have demonstrably accelerated progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) contained in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

UNDP Administrator
Achim Steiner takes office as Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme

The UN Development Programme (UNDP) today welcomed Achim Steiner as he begins a four-year term as Administrator of the Organization. Mr. Steiner’s appointment as the new head of the UN’s lead development agency was confirmed by the UN General Assembly in April this year, following his nomination by Secretary-General António Guterres.

Ocean Protection
Strengthening a Nation’s Call for Ocean Protection

As part of the preparation, the Fiji Government with support from UNDP, gathered for a second National Multi-Stakeholder Consultations for the Oceans Conference on 2 May in Suva, to discuss Fiji’s plan to achieve SDG 14 - conserving and sustainably using the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development.

REACH Project
Empowering Women to Empower More People

A hundred women from Fiji’s Eastern Division were able to access social, economic and legal services and increase their awareness on the rights enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Fiji during a workshop recently organized in Suva.

Tuvalu Coastal Protection
Tuvalu, building resilience to the impacts of climate change

As a Small Island Developing State, Tuvalu is extremely vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, in particular sea-level rise and tropical storms (including cyclones) which are expected to increase in intensity as climate change becomes more pronounced.

Risk Resilience
Local Government Resilient Development Network to Boost Risk Informed Development

With the adoption of the sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and increased commitment to resilient development, the local government plays an important role in localising and contextualising these global goals and turning them into pragmatic solutions.

REACH Project
Youths in Moturiki District recognized Constitutional values and rights

In Navuti village, Elenoa Naidoleca, a single mother of 5 and 9-year-old boys was among the others who met with the mobile service delivery team at the village hall. It was her first time to meet the officers and discuss her living situation.

Health agencies collaborate to boost response to dual crisis of diabetes and TB in Ebeye

With 466 cases identified per 100,000 people, the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) has one of the highest tuberculosis (TB) prevalence in the world. Despite many decades of efforts to eradicate the devastating disease, it has continued to spread in the overcrowded atoll communities fueled by poor nutrition, high rates of diabetes, substandard housing and poor health seeking behaviours.

Rural Producer
Rural Producer - Market Vendors Eager to Learn and Upscale their Business

Local markets in Levuka town on the eastern coast of Ovalau are set up in tents towards the sea side and stretches out in the middle of town. There are around 80 to 100 market vendors operating at the town market who are from Ovalau and Moturiki Island in the Lomaiviti Province. All whom are also producers that bring their produce to the market on Saturdays and a few during the weekdays.

Perspectives from Pacific Islands to the BIOFIN Asia-Pacific Workshop

An Interview with Fiji's Permanent Secretary from the Ministry of Local Government, Housing & Environment Mr Joshua Wycliffe bringing perspectives from Pacific Islands to the BIOFIN Asia-Pacific Workshop.

Pacific Innovation
Innovation Lab gives Pacific youth space to develop creative solutions to corruption

Youth representatives from 15 Pacific Island countries and territories gather for the Pacific Youth Anti-Corruption Innovation Lab in Nadi, Fiji to develop innovative solutions to address corruption challenges in selected policy areas.

Human Devleopment
HUMAN DEVELOPMENT REPORT 2016 | Exclusion and inequality lead to uneven development across Asia and the Pacific

Exclusion of women, ethnic minorities, and people living in remote areas create chronic barriers that have stymied human development progress and led to significant disparities within the Asia and the Pacific region, leaving many behind.

Climate Funds
National Climate Funds an Opportunity for Countries to Manage Climate Finance

Accessing and utilizing global climate financing from sources such as the Green Climate Fund and other multilateral and bilateral funds, provides the opportunity for governments to scale up national climate change adaptation and mitigation activities.

Youth Engagement
VIDEO | Youth Engagement on Multiculturalism in Fiji

The short video documentary, Multicultural Youth Engagement, captures youth voices during a series of youth dialogues on multiculturalism and social cohesion under the UNDP Strengthening Citizen Engagement in Fiji Initiative.