UNDP is looking for three innovation experts to set up its new SDG Accelerator Lab in Fiji


In order to help countries find faster, more durable solutions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has begun incubating a number of strategic initiatives to ensure UNDP is ‘fit for purpose’ and can respond to the challenges the world faces. One such key initiative is the UNDP’s new Country Accelerator Lab Network. Its launch is a recognition that increasingly interrelated development challenges require going beyond business as usual and single point, linear and silver bullet responses in development. Instead, they call for interdisciplinary approaches that leverage the collective efforts of partners and tap into local insights of the people closest to the problems and their potential solutions.

As part of a global network of Innovation Labs in 60 countries, UNDP is establishing an SDG Accelerator Lab for the Pacific in Fiji. The new offering builds on the latest thinking from the fields of complexity science, lead user innovation and collective intelligence to accelerate development impact. The Lab’s aim is to surface locally-sourced solutions, conduct rapid testing and iteration of ideas to find out what works beyond the obvious solutions, and accelerate progress by utilizing global expertise, creativity and collective intelligence.

Apply now by 3 March 2019, for one of three innovation expert positions available in its new SDG Accelerator Lab:

Innovation Specialist, Head of Exploration
Innovation Specialist, Head of Experimentation
Innovation Specialist, Head of Ethnographic Solutions Mapping

To set up this Lab, UNDP is looking for three capable innovation experts who are excited about starting, designing and managing innovative initiatives, engaging directly with local communities, learning new things and figuring out how they work.  

Ideal candidates will have a natural inclination to curiosity, interdisciplinarity, a cross cultural mindset and cross sectoral experience, with a strong sense of purpose and a keen eye to identify emerging opportunities and trends.

UNDP expects the new SDG Accelerator Lab to be fully operational by March 2019, and will provide regular updates on its activities and results through its website and social media channels.

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