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Fiji Locally Managed Marine Area Project

This project aims to conserve globally significant marine biodiversity in Fiji through the development of a national policy and implementation plan for a marine protected area system that integrates…  

Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources and Benefit Sharing in Fiji

This project will assist in addressing these gaps and barriers and motivate increased investment in protecting biodiverse areas and the genetic resources they contain.  

Fiji Capacity Building for Mainstreaming the Multilateral Environmental Agreement

This project strengthens the capacities of individuals and institutions involved in environmental management in Fiji to coordinate better, make better decisions addressing global environmental issues.  

People centered approach adopted in development of Curricula at Fiji Police Academy

The Fiji Police Force today launched two curricula for inclusion in courses at Recruit, Investigator and Supervisory levels at the Fiji Police Academy. The subject matter of the curricula focuses on…  

Fiji Hydrocholorofluorocarbon Phase-out Management Plan

Implementation of the project will assist Government of Fiji in reducing their HCFC consumption from its baseline level of 8.44 ODP tons by 2013 to 5.49 ODP tons by 2020 in line the schedule specified…  

Fiji Ridge to Reef Project

The project aims to preserve biodiversity, ecosystem services, sequester carbon, improve climate resilience and sustain livelihoods through a ridge to reef management of priority water catchments on…  

Launch of the Fiji Police Academy Curricula

At the outset, I would like to congratulate all involved in the various consultations and workshops that have taken place over the past two weeks – including weekends! – your determination and work…  

Development of Curriculum for Fiji Police to Boost Standards of Practice

In recognition of the evolving professional requirements of Police, the Fiji Police Force and other justice stakeholders have embarked on a two-week curriculum development effort to improve early…  

Fiji’s progress in people’s access to justice shared in an international network

Access to justice in Fiji has been further strengthened through fostering mutual learning and knowledge sharing to promote effective legal aid services at the global level.  

SAI Fiji gathers performance feedback through the SAI PMF assessment

A performance assessment of the Republic of Fiji’s Supreme Audit Institution has been purposefully conducted to provide objective baseline information on the institution’s performance, which is built…  

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