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How do women feel the effects of corruption?

Roadside betel nut stalls. Sago palm kitchens. Social media. ATM queues. You can find someone ready to discuss corruption in most places across Solomon Islands. The conversations show that people are…  

Solomon Islands Members of Parliament Complete 3-day Induction Programme

Newly elected Members of the 11th National Parliament of Solomon Islands have just completed a three-day induction programme focusing on their professional development.  

Plastic habit: Reducing waste with behavioural insights in Solomon Islands

Baked food wrapped in banana leaves. Vegetables carted in cane baskets. Intricately woven string bags. Natural materials used to be the standard in Solomon Islands. Then plastic took the place of…  

New Study Shines Light on Justice Sector

Initial findings from a national survey of access to justice show that citizens commonly rely on traditional authorities to resolve disputes and want stronger links to the formal justice system.  

Next generation of innovation: The youth building businesses and peace in Solomon Islands

At the top of a steep hill in Gizo, the capital of Solomon Islands’ Western Province, four young people are leading a low-key waste management revolution. They are the Hilltop Innovators: Giftson,…  

What fighting corruption looks like in Solomon Islands

Fighting corruption — sounds vague and daunting, right? Corruption is rampant in Solomon Islands. But citizens have a reputation of being complacent in efforts to end it — or at least hard to…  

Partnership on Anti-Corruption Course Launched

A new partnership between the University of the South Pacific and the United Nations in the Pacific, underscores the important role education plays in the fight against corruption and in the promotion…  

Meet the women pushing for equal representation in Solomon Islands provinces

The Pacific region has the lowest number of women parliamentarians in the world. In Solomon Islands, one Member of Parliament out of 50 is a woman, and a total of four women have served as MPs in the…  

Pacific Regional Women in Politics Project

Women's political empowerement and equal access to leadership positions at all levels are fundamental to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and a fairer world.  

Turning youth unemployment into entrepreneurship

Starting a business is not easy. With the challenges of securing startup capital, understanding the market and competition, entrepreneurs have to find countless solutions to get their operations up…  

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