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National Consultation to review Vanuatu's National Energy Map Implementation Plan

Stakeholders involved in the implementation of the country’s National Energy Road Map have met in Port Vila to discuss the way forward for the implementation of the national plan.  

Barrier Removal for Achieving the National Energy Road Map Targets for Vanuatu

The project aims to enable the achievement of the energy access, sustainable energy, and green growth targets of Vanuatu, as represented in the country’s National Energy Road Map 2020 and 2030…  

Facilitation of the Achievement of Sustainable National Energy Targets of Tuvalu

The project aims to facilitate the development and utilisation of feasible renewable energy resources and applications of energy efficienct technologies in Tuvalu.  

Seaqaqa Township Redevelopment: A Model for Risk Informing Development in Fiji

Given the region’s history of water shortages, it is no surprise that one of the first priorities for the township redevelopment is for an upgrade to the Seaqaqa water supply. The proposed upgrade…  

Pacific Regional Climate Risk Adaptation and Insurance Study Underway

One helpful measure to support adaptation to climate change is climate risk insurance. The Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme (PFIP) in partnership with the Munich Climate Insurance Initiative…  

UNDP Boosts Government's Water Testing Capacity

The National Public Health Laboratory and other government institutions will be able to improve country-based water quality monitoring with the handover of testing equipment today at the UN Joint…  

UNDP and SPC partner to support coastal adaptation in Tuvalu

UNDP and the Pacific Community signed a Letter of Agreement, cementing their mutual commitment to work together to improve Tuvalu’s resilience to coastal flooding under the Tuvalu Coastal Adaptation…  

Project to Support the Achievement of National Energy Targets of Vanuatu

Renewable energy resources such as solar, wind, hydro and biofuel are under-utilized to meet the energy requirements in Vanuatu. According to Vanuatu’s Acting Director-General for the Ministry of…  

UNDP Support to Vanuatu Government in Strengthening Early Warning Systems to Monitor Ambae Volcano

Camera and transmission equipment have been installed on Pentecost Island in Vanuatu providing real time images of volcanic activities on the nearby island of Ambae.  

Adapting Towards Resilience: Water and Sanitation is Everybody’s Business

Water and sanitation is everybody’s business” from “ridge to reef” and “from community to cabinet.” Under Secretary to the Ministry of Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification Daniel Rove made the…  

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