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UNDP and SPC partner to support coastal adaptation in Tuvalu

UNDP and the Pacific Community signed a Letter of Agreement, cementing their mutual commitment to work together to improve Tuvalu’s resilience to coastal flooding under the Tuvalu Coastal Adaptation…  

Tuvalu Coastal Adaptation Project

The Tuvalu Coastal Adaptation Project assists Tuvalu by implementing measures that reduce exposure to coastal hazards in the three target islands, developing a long term coastal adaptation strategy,…  

Aniwa: The Island of Sweet Oranges

Aniwa is the fourth southern-most island of Vanuatu and is about 8 km2 (3 square miles) and having about 350 people living on it, I believe I met most of them. The boat comes to this island once every…  

Youth are the future of climate resilience

When the vulnerability of small island countries to climate change is reported in international media, it is often accompanied by images of houses and roads inundated with seawater, families standing…  

Projects targeting environmental conservation launched in the Marshall Islands

Over 25 participants gathered in Majuro today to officially launch two national projects as part of the Global Environment Facility Pacific Ridge to Reef programme.  

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