SCEFI Emblematic Stories on Social Change through Songs and Music

06 Sep 2016


Inter-school school rivalry and bullying is an issue that often results in community violence and conflict in Suva, Fiji. In 2013, Pasifika Voices–a youth choir based in the Pacific–launched the Mana Choral Festival, an innovative Arts-based programme involving participation of students from rival high schools. The preparatory process leading up to the Festival’s first performance in November 2013 involved close interaction and dialogue among the students. As a result, they began to examine their perceptions of each other, develop an understanding of their deeply rooted beliefs and of the wider negative impacts of high school rivalry on their communities. In 2014, UNDP’s Strengthening Citizen Engagement in Fiji Initiative (SCEFI) supported the organisation of a second workshop and performance of the Mana Choral Festival. 

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