SCEFI Emblematic Stories on Women Empowerment through Community Action

06 Sep 2016


Critical issues affect the wellbeing of women in the communities of the informal settlements of Nausori, Tailevu province, Fiji. One such issue is domestic violence which is rarely addressed at community level due to an entrenched culture of silence. As result, perpetrators of domestic violence act with impunity, often in collusion with other males in the community and sometimes the police. In 2014, with the support of UNDP’s Strengthening Citizen Engagement in Fiji Initiative (SCEFI), two women’s groups in Nausori, Drekenikelo Masturatt Forum (DMF) and Naari Shakti Women’s Club (NSWC) respectively, launched training initiatives to raise awareness and to seek broader community collaboration on the well being of women and “strong” family foundation. Planning and implementing these initiatives opened the way for the women to become active community organizers, as they successfully mobilized broad support from community members, leaders and organizations.

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