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Project Summary

Advisory Services


UNDP’s commitment to HIV and other major health challenges is based on the principles that health is both a driver and outcome of development and that actions across a wide range of development sectors have a significant impact on health outcomes. As a development agency, UNDP focuses on addressing the social, economic and environmental determinants of health, which are primarily responsible for health inequalities. 

Project Goals

The regional HIV, Health and Development Advisory Services connects the Pacific to a global network of expertise and provides technical and seed funding support in the following 3 focus areas:

NCD and the law, policy dialogue and advocacy (regional)

  • Develop regional and national capacity on strengthening effective implementation of evidence-based legislative and regulatory interventions; 
  • Development of knowledge products, policy documents and provision of on-demand financial and technical support to country partners 

NCD integration in Development planning and strengthening policy coherence across sectors 

  • Socio-Economic Investment case development. This includes a costing exercise of the impact of leading NCDs on the economy, an institutional context assessment, the development of a policy analysis and costing tools;
  • Knowledge product development and contributions 

Implementation of the Global Fund Multi-country Western Pacific Grant (HIV, TB, Malaria)

  • Technical assistance to the Global Fund Programme Management Unit team and Sub-recipients (all technical aspects pertaining to UNDP HIV, Health & Development mandate);
  • Liaison, coordination and representation with Joint UN Team on AIDS and other regional partners;

Who finances it?

The funding for these advisory services is provided by the Australian Government, the Global Fund and UNDP.

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