Fiji Parliament Support Project (FPSP) II


The development challenge that the Fiji Parliament Support Project (Phase II) seeks to address is the limited capacities in Parliament to discharge its mandate in relation to legislation, oversight and representation. The project seeks to provide support to Parliament to become more effective and efficient through strengthening the work of its committees related to legislation and oversight, building the capacities of legislators and professionalism of staff, as well as improving outreach and citizen engagement. 

The project will be guided by the Corporate Plan and strategic vision and mission of Parliament. To achieve the aims of a well-functioing modern Parliament, the project will focus on capacity development of parliamentary actors, including Members of Parliament and staff. 

It will involve, among others trainings, placements, manuals, standard operating procedures, needs assessments, civil society organisations and citizen engagement, and the inclusion of minorities and marginalised groups, including women and youth.

Expected Outputs

  1. Committees have enhanced capabilities to undertake their legislative and oversight functions, including skills to ensure that the Sustainable Development Goals and development issues are mainstreamed across Parliament's work, including gender mainstreaming. 
  2. Members of Parliaments and staff have increased capacities and improved professionalism to fulfil their obligations, benefitting from exposure to other parliaments through south-south triangular cooperation. 
  3. Parliamentary outreach and citizen engagement have expanded to include traditionally excluded groups, such as women and youth, and reach remote areas. 

Who finances it?

Phase I - Government of Japan USD $1.2m

Phase II - Governments of New Zealand 

              - Government of Australia

USD $2,117,149

USD $755,287 

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