Palau Local Governance Strengthening Project

Project Summary

The 3-year project aims to provide support to the Government of Palau in strengthening governance capacities at local state government levels and national capacity within the Ministry of State's Bureau of Domestic Affairs in delivering services and maintaining relationships with state governments administrations (executive legislative). 

The project will be providing technical expertise and undertake specialised training activities, produce and deliver relevant tools and guidance documents (such as standard operating procedures) to enable smooth operations around state finance, local governance, administration and human resources management. Additionally, the project will also support harmonisation of national and state laws through strengthening legislative and record management capacities at both state and national government levels. 

Project Outputs

The project will deliver the following outputs, which are considered by the Government of Palau as key priorities: 

  1. Four states (Executive and Legislative branches) have enhanced capacities to plan and manage public resources to deliver basic services to their constituencies 
  2. The Ministry of State (Bureau of Domestic Affairs) has enhanced capacities to support state governments and facilitates relations and operations between central administrations, the Senate, the House of Delegates and state governments. 
  3. Local residents from four states, including youth and women, have increased understanding of central and local governments' roles and responsibilities and participate more actively in local decision making and oversight. 

Who finances it?

Government of Palau and UNDP   USD $800,000

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