Tuvalu Constitutional Review Project

Project Summary

The TCRP supports the government and people of Tuvalu to review their national constitution considering the socio-economic and political challenges.

The project will provide the required technical expertise and independent advice to ensure that the constitutional review is more technically proficient, inclusive, participatory and transparent and also conforms to international treaties and conventions, in particular human rights. This process is expected to result in a more educated citizenry, a constitution with text that more accurately reflects the needs and aspirations of the Tuvalu people, and is able to better endure and address social, economic and political challenges.

The Project’s support is geared towards ensuring that Tuvalu has more accountable and effective government (constitution better equipped to deal with past political crisis), a citizenry that is better able to hold leaders to account (as a result of more educated on constitutional rights and duties), stronger social cohesion, and more sustainable development (more socio-economic rights).


The overall goal of the project is to ensure that citizens of Tuvalu and key governance institutions are empowered to better understand the constitutional review process and underlying issues through effective civic education and engagement during the review, which is undertaken in an open, transparent and inclusive manner.

Project Outputs: 

  1. Strengthened institutional and technical capacity of the Constitutional Review Committee and Attorney General’s Office to undertake the Constitutional Review Process (Planning Stage)
  2. Enhanced citizen knowledge and engagement on the Constitution and the Constitutional Review Process (Consultation and Information Gathering Stage)
  3. Formulation of recommendations, amendments and support provided toward advisory referendum and Adoption of the new Constitution.

Who finances it?

Governments of Australia and Tuvalu


  USD $800,000

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