Fiji Capacity Building for Mainstreaming the Multilateral Environmental Agreement


The project is a response to the Global Environment Facility (GEF)-funded National Capacity Self-Assessment Project conducted in Fiji in 2006 to 2010 and endorsed by the National Environment Council in early 2010, it prioritized crosscutting capacity issues related to the implementation of the Rio Conventions.

The project addresses the identified cross-cutting issues including the review and formulation of relevant legislations and policies, the promotion and establishment of cross-sector cooperation and the establishment of proper performance and reporting mechanisms. In addition, the establishment of sustainable finances mechanisms, the establishment of a systematic research and monitoring system, the development and the support of relevant training and education and the strengthening of communication and awareness.

Through a learning-by-doing process, this project strengthens the capacities of individuals and institutions involved in environmental management in Fiji to coordinate better, make better decisions addressing global environmental issues and mainstream global environmental issues into national legislation, policies, plans and programmes.


  1. Strengthen capacities to develop policy and legislative frameworks;
  2. Strengthen capacities to implement and manage global convention guidelines; and to some extent
  3. Enhance capacities to monitor and evaluate environmental impacts and trends. 

Who finances it?

Global Environment Facility
Fiji Government
(incl. in-kind)

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