Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources and Benefit Sharing in Fiji

Project Summary

There has been little focus on the value of genetic resources that are accommodated in Fiji’s biodiverse areas, and the means by which payment for ecosystem services could be used to stimulate conservation at the local level, while providing avenues for improved livelihoods. It is clear that there are gaps and work is needed for instituting relevant legislation,  policy and institutional systems to assist with regulating the collection, storage, exchange, development and use of genetic resources to maximise opportunities for alternative livelihoods. There is also a need to improve technological capacity at the national level.

The barriers for maximizing benefits from genetic resources have been identified as:

  1. limited scientific research, technological and development capacity prevents national stakeholders from adding value to Fiji’s genetic resources; 
  2. limited capacity to implement and operationalize ABS Agreements and Benefits Sharing mechanisms with communities, including insufficient human resource capacity and piecemeal operation of draft bio-prospecting policy and guidelines; 
  3. limited national capacity to institutionalize and operationalize the Nagoya Protocol and with this a lack of understanding of ABS and the link to biodiversity conservation.

This project will assist in addressing these gaps and barriers and motivate increased investment in protecting biodiverse areas and the genetic resources they contain

Project Objective

To discover nature-based products and build national capacities that facilitate technology transfer on mutually agreed terms, private sector engagement, and investments in the conservation and sustainable use of genetic resources.

Three outcomes to achieve this objective include: 

  1. Discovering active compounds for pharmaceutical and agrochemical uses from organisms within the ecosystems of Fiji
  2. Operationalisation of ABS Agreements and Benefit Sharing
  3. Increased national capacity to operationalise Nagoya Protocol Obligations

Who finances it?

Global Environment Fund

Total Budget - US$1,282,395

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