Solomon Islands Capacity Building II and Cross-Cutting Capacity Development Project

Integrating global environment commitments in investment and development decision-making

Project Summary

This project takes a strategic approach to meeting Rio Conventions obligations through the implementation of the Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD)+ Roadmap. This calls for strengthening targeted policy, institutional, and technical capacities within the existing REDD+ baseline. The project will facilitate the proactive and constructive engagement of decision-makers across environmental focal areas and socio-economic sectors.

This project is innovative and transformative in that environmental and resource management at the sub-national level lacks institutional authority in the baseline. The project will enhance the capacity of relevant policy and institutional stakeholders to enable compliance with the three Rio Conventions and other Multilateral Environmental Agreements.

Specifically, the project will strengthen and institute a tiered network of key decision-makers, planners, and other stakeholders to catalyze and sustain reductions of deforestation and forest degradation in a way that meets objectives under the three Rio Conventions.

Project Components

  1. Strengthening institutional capacities for improved implementation of Rio Convention obligations 
  2. Strengthening the Development Consent Process to more effectively mainstream Rio Convention obligations
  3. Strengthening awareness and understanding of REDD+ as a strategy to meet Rio Convention obligations

Who finances it?

Global Environment Facility   USD $850,000

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