Effective Governance

UNDP brings people together within nations and around the world, building partnerships and sharing ways to promote participation, accountability and effectiveness at all levels. We partner with and support the Pacific Island countries covered by the UNDP Pacific Office in Fiji to assist countries achieve long term economic and social sustainable growth for its people through the strengthening of its governance mechanisms to enable a more equitable distribution of public resources to grassroots communities and the marginalized.

Our Goals

The UNDP Pacific Office in Fiji will work towards improving the capacities of parliaments, sub-national government ministries and civil society organizations to ensure improved service delivery, inclusive decision making and promote social cohesion at community level.more

UNDP and Effective Governance

The Rights, Empowerment and Cohesion for Rural and Urban Fijians Project travels to the most remote communities to provide government services. .

Our Stories

  • Launch of the Fiji Police Academy Curricula

    At the outset, I would like to congratulate all involved in the various consultations and workshops that have taken place over the past two weeks – including weekends! – your determination and work ethic is indeed admirable.

  • UNDP launches Accelerator Lab for the Pacific

    It’s the dawn of a new era for innovation in the Pacific. Today, the UNDP Pacific Office in Fiji launches it’s first-ever Accelerator Lab for the Pacific region. The Accelerator Labs represent UNDP’s new strategy and thinking in relation to development and advocating bolder innovation.

  • People centered approach adopted in development of Curricula at Fiji Police Academy

    The Fiji Police Force today launched two curricula for inclusion in courses at Recruit, Investigator and Supervisory levels at the Fiji Police Academy. The subject matter of the curricula focuses on enhancing the human rights of all Fijians, whether on arrest and detention or as the victims or witnesses to a crime.

  • Development of Curriculum for Fiji Police to Boost Standards of Practice

    In recognition of the evolving professional requirements of Police, the Fiji Police Force and other justice stakeholders have embarked on a two-week curriculum development effort to improve early access to justice and victim centered investigations.

  • SAI Fiji gathers performance feedback through the SAI PMF assessment

    A performance assessment of the Republic of Fiji’s Supreme Audit Institution has been purposefully conducted to provide objective baseline information on the institution’s performance, which is built around six core organisational areas.

  • Fiji’s progress in people’s access to justice shared in an international network

    Access to justice in Fiji has been further strengthened through fostering mutual learning and knowledge sharing to promote effective legal aid services at the global level.

  • REACH-ing out for rights and services

    An unexpected visit sparked a glimmer of hope during a dark time in Arihi’s life. She is now an empowered survivor of domestic violence who knows her rights and how to access financial and legal services.

  • Partnership on Anti-Corruption Course Launched

    A new partnership between the University of the South Pacific and the United Nations in the Pacific, underscores the important role education plays in the fight against corruption and in the promotion of good governance, transparency and accountability.

  • Enhancing electoral operations and integrity in Vanuatu

    In an effort to further strengthen and make the electoral process in Vanuatu more efficient and coherent, the Vanuatu Electoral Environment Project has handed over 300 translucent modern ballot boxes and uniquely numbered tamper evident seals to the Electoral Office.

  • Legal Aid Commission comes closer to the people

    Do you care who will receive your property and money when you pass on? Transferring your assets to your loved ones with no stress and confusion is a major concern when you reach certain age. But how does one go about arranging their will?

  • Communities able to access services under REACH project

    The legal advice Faiilagi Sofe received for her business was more than just a time-saving solution, it was also moral support for her as a young entrepreneur to pursue her business plan with confidence.

  • Justice Support Services Grants Assist CSOs to Empower People

    When Monika saw her child fall sick, but nothing was found to be medically wrong, she realized that her illness was probably caused by deeper psychosocial issues which involved the way she and her husband communicated, often escalating into quarrels and fights in front of their children.

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