Effective Governance

UNDP brings people together within nations and around the world, building partnerships and sharing ways to promote participation, accountability and effectiveness at all levels. We partner with and support the Pacific Island countries covered by the UNDP Pacific Office in Fiji to assist countries achieve long term economic and social sustainable growth for its people through the strengthening of its governance mechanisms to enable a more equitable distribution of public resources to grassroots communities and the marginalized.

Our Goals

The UNDP Pacific Office in Fiji will work towards improving the capacities of parliaments, sub-national government ministries and civil society organizations to ensure improved service delivery, inclusive decision making and promote social cohesion at community level.more

UNDP and Effective Governance

The Rights, Empowerment and Cohesion for Rural and Urban Fijians Project travels to the most remote communities to provide government services. .

Our Stories

  • Communities able to access services under REACH project

    The legal advice Faiilagi Sofe received for her business was more than just a time-saving solution, it was also moral support for her as a young entrepreneur to pursue her business plan with confidence.

  • Partnership support for Ombudsman to improve Vanuatu Prisons

    The Vanuatu Office of the Ombudsman has built expertise to conduct prison inspections through a learning exchange with the New Zealand Office of the Ombudsman. The workshop was funded by the Government of Australia and New Zealand Office of the Ombudsman with technical assistance provided by UNDP.

  • Legal Aid Commission comes closer to the people

    Do you care who will receive your property and money when you pass on? Transferring your assets to your loved ones with no stress and confusion is a major concern when you reach certain age. But how does one go about arranging their will?

  • Start to Finish Tracker Taveuni Outreach

    We are thankful that through the REACH project, we were able to introduce the ‘Start to Finish’ service tracker to allow citizens to use a mobile application and web portal platform to collaborate with public sector agencies, which was partly supported by the Japanese Government and now supported by UNDP.

  • Handbook on Parliamentary Reporting for Fiji Journalists Launched

    A handbook, which offers practical guidance and advice for journalists carrying out the important role of writing news reports on parliamentary business and deliberations, was launched at the Fiji Parliament yesterday.

  • Fiji REACH Project Exceeds Community Outreach Target

    The REACH Project which set out a target of reaching 4,000 Fijians has managed to reach more than double the targeted figure in facilitating citizen’s access to essential Government services.

  • Enhancing electoral operations and integrity in Vanuatu

    In an effort to further strengthen and make the electoral process in Vanuatu more efficient and coherent, the Vanuatu Electoral Environment Project has handed over 300 translucent modern ballot boxes and uniquely numbered tamper evident seals to the Electoral Office.

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