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UNDP will bolster the resilience of communities in the countries and territories to cope with climate change, and will implement strategies that integrate environmental management, climate change adaptation and mitigation, and disaster risk reduction. Building on those measures, UNDP will facilitate transition to ‘green’, low-carbon development through the mainstreaming of climate change into sectoral planning and national strategic development strategies, and through public expenditure and institutional reviews, as appropriate. UNDP will develop environmental governance capacities in the countries and territories, focusing on sustainable resource management and biodiversity.

In partnership with the Global Environment Facility (GEF), the UNDP Pacific Office in Fiji assists countries with assessing their current state of the environment in relation to climate change adaptation, mitigation, biodiversity conservation, sustainable land management and implementing agreed strategies from such assessments, identifying national capacities to manage natural resources and developing capacity to meet obligations to multilateral environment agreements.  

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