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  • Leading community to be more resilient to future disasters

    The long beans Iva Vakacegu planted a month ago are spiraling up along many tall wooden sticks and she is getting ready for another harvest.

  • Women farmers building resilience in their community
  • Cash-for-work helps Ha’apai community to recover from Cyclone Ian

    Today, it’s a different scene in Ha’apai compared to January after Tropical Cyclone Ian, a Category 5 system - the most powerful ever recorded in Tongan waters - passed directly over the northeast islands of Ha’apai. Many homes repaired, much of the debris removed, fences for livestock rebuilt, continued and regular harvesting of vegetables and crops, tourists have returned and women are weaving again.

  • Rakiraki women vendors model show need for scaling-up women’s economic empowerment

    It’s a Thursday morning in the small bustling rural town of Rakiraki and Varanisese Maisamoa is waiting for a bus with two ice boxes to take her to Naivuvuni, a landing where a boat she owns docks at, to collect fish caught during the week.

  • Meeting vulnerability head on in the Islands of Fiji

    Surviving the brunt of two major cyclones (category four in a scale of five), in a span of three years is no small feat. Fifty-eight year old Isireli Soqosoqo and his community on Cikobia managed to do this when the island in the northern part of Fiji was struck first by Cyclone Daman in December 2007 and then Cyclone Tomas in March, 2010. The cyclones damaged homes, schools and plantations on Cikobia and the island was cut off from urgent food and medical supplies for several days.

  • "Without the mangroves we cannot produce salt,” says 72 year old Tai Butani. She is the only person left in the Tikina Wai region who knows how to produce salt by using salt pounds in a way that has been in the village tradition for generations.

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