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  • Villagers learn to protect their natural environment

    Youths of Biausevu village in tikina Komave in Nadroga have been vigorously involved in clearing land locked areas surrounding their homes to replant trees to ensure that their environment will be of use to them now and also their children’s children in future.

  • Life changing water pipes

    Ekipe village has gone through a great change in the last year, as a Global Environment Facility's Small Grant Programme project implemented by the United Nations Development Progrmamme (UNDP), has helped the village install running water.

  • The rising sea, the changing tides in Kiribati

    Boobu Tioram has dismantled and moved his house three times in the past nine years. It was either this, or watch his home get washed away by the Pacific Ocean.

  • Communities and tourism operators key to survival of threatened turtle species

    The Mamanuca Islands located just off the West coast of Fiji is home to a variety of marine life including four of the seven species of sea turtles that exist in the world.

  • Clean up campaign crucial to Vanuatu’s recovery efforts

    For two unemployed youths in Port Vila, Vanuatu’s capital, the opportunity to find short-term employment came at a time when many homes and property destroyed and lives affected following the devastation left behind by Tropical Cyclone Pam.

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