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Vanuatu to Launch Nationwide Civil and Voter Registration

A comprehensive nationwide Civil and Voter Registration initiative will be launched in Vanuatu that will allow its citizens to possess their first ever national identification cards, which will…  

Fiji PAC Workshop to Enhance Accountability and Transparency

Members of the Fiji Public Accounts Committee participated in a second series of workshops to build their capacity in better understanding their financial oversight role within the legislative…  

Supplementary Budget Analysis Benefits Vanuatu Members of Parliament

Vanuatu members of parliament participated in a briefing on the 2019 Supplementary Budget with the support of researchers from the Parliaments of Samoa, Australia and New Zealand through the…  

Fiji National Poverty Forum

Alleviating poverty, hardship, and deprivation- and ensuring that the benefits of progress reach everybody in Fiji- could not be more important. And the challenges involved in realising that vision…  

Launch of the Judicial Department Strategic Plan 2019-2023

The Strategic Plan is a demonstration of Fiji’s and the Judicial Department’s commitment to the improvement of access to justice for all Fijians and particularly vulnerable or marginalized groups.  

Judicial Department Strategic Plan 2019-2023 Launched

The development and publication of the Judicial Department Strategic Plan 2019-2023 was undertaken by the Judicial Department of Fiji, with support from the Fiji Access to Justice Project, which is…  

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