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Bakhodir Burkhanov: ‘My Fiji Shark’ Launch

This collaboration is focused on innovative resource mobilization with the private sector in Fiji. Businesses globally have a big role to play in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.  

Conservation Effort to Preserve Life Below Water

A new initiative designed to support marine ecotourism and the Sustainable Development Goal 14 was launched today, marking a new era in marine conservation. The South Pacific Tourism Organisation in…  

Bakhodir Burkhanov: Fiji Ridge-to-Reef Project Partnership Agreement

Today, new partner organizations – the Fiji Locally-Managed Marine Areas Network, the World Wide Fund for Nature Pacific, the Pacific Islands Rainforest Foundation and the USP’s Institute of Applied…  

Bakhodir Burkhanov: PITA Telecoms (Digital) Strategy Forum

Since the opening of the telecommunications markets in the early 2000 until today, there has been quite an expansion in connectivity including fixed line, mobile and internet connectivity.  

National Youth Parliament to Build Confidence of Young Leaders

As part of efforts to engage youth in national politics, 50 young women and men are currently gathered in Honiara for the 4th National Youth Parliament.  

Empowering Persons with Disabilities through the Access to Justice Assessment

Raising an infant can be hard work at the best of times. Doing it as a single mother changing diapers, managing breast feeding, and sleepless nights are even more physically and emotionally exhausting…  

Western Province Women Raise Gender Policy Priorities with Provincial Government

Women representing wards across Western Province highlighted key provincial women’s priorities and made recommendations on how to address them during a dialogue with Members of the Provincial Assembly…  

Southern Taveuni farmers join forces for greenhouse initiative in their communities

Taveuni, Fiji’s third largest island, is known for its thriving agricultural sector due to rich volcanic soils and almost daily rainfall. It is here that 32-year-old Maria Lowana Maivalenisau and…  

New report shows steady progress on Human Development for Pacific Island states

Fiji, Palau, Samoa, and Tonga remain in the High Human Development category of the latest Human Development Index and are joined by the Republic of Marshall Islands which is included in the index for…  

Regional Conference Highlights Role of Political Parties in Democracy

The development of political parties that can represent citizens in an inclusive and accountable manner is one credible pathway to a stable and effective political system.  

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