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Getting back on track with timely support provided at his village

When informed that his application was approved, Sekove Lili looked over his new farm and breathed a long sigh of relief. He will soon be assisted by a social welfare scheme provided by the…  

Steering toward the closing stage of the M4C project

The Nausori Highlands village, known for its beautiful location surrounded by peaks and picturesque villages is also a place where a large number of communities grow produce to sell in Nadi market.  

Coconut Sector Development Project to Bring New Opportunities to I-Kiribati

Not opting for a slower pace of life during their retirement years, Tonagafiti Cross, 71, and Anglin Onario, 65, have been working tirelessly throughout Kiribati to educate their fellow citizens on…  

Saving for retirement in the informal sector: A market vendor's story

Since June last year, Ruth Kamu has stuck to her goal to save at least SBD $100 (USD $12.79) a month toward her retirement. The 43-year-old market vendor in Honiara, Solomon Islands, says that she…  

Development’s ‘invisible’ risks – learning from the past and safeguarding the future in Fiji

Development planners from across all four divisions of Fiji are now able to anticipate risks to and from the infrastructure and sector development projects that they oversee.  

Insurance helps Tuicakau cope with illness

Tuicakau Nawaiciono, a 57-year-old retired civil servant, believes that more Fijians should think about taking out insurance for their family’s wellbeing and protection.  

Screening for Risks to Improve Resilience of Development Planning

National planning officers from a range of Ministries across Tonga will be required to identify climate change, disaster and gender risks associated with all major investments as part of their Annual…  

Safeguarding development projects from earthquake and cyclones in Temotu Province

Provincial planners and Government Ministries such as Health, Agriculture and Fisheries are working together in Temotu Province to ensure that climate change and disaster risks are considered in the…  

Risk informing community development projects in Vanua Levu

Community development projects in the Northern Division of Fiji are becoming more resilient to disasters and climate change following ongoing work to risk inform community development plans.  

Youth are the future of climate resilience

When the vulnerability of small island countries to climate change is reported in international media, it is often accompanied by images of houses and roads inundated with seawater, families standing…  

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