• Reaching the Furthest Behind First Mar 13, 2017

    Women and men in eight rural communities in four districts of Fiji’s Western Division became more aware of their rights to legal, social and economic services provided by the Ministry of Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation, and the Fiji Legal Aid Commission.

  • Early Access to Justice Crucial for Suspects and Accused Persons Feb 16, 2017

    Access to justice during the early stages of the criminal justice process is crucial in protecting people at a time when they are most vulnerable. It ensures they are treated with respect and dealt with fairly, and strengthens the criminal justice institutions to be more responsive to the needs of citizens.

  • Upholding People’s Constitutional Right to Access Services Jan 10, 2017

    A number of villages on Taveuni Island are located so far from the island’s town that accessing public services can be such a strain. Their capacity is already stretched as they recover from the aftermath of Tropical Cyclone Winston that hit Fiji almost a year ago, while other settlements located further from shore are enduring dry weather.

  • Protection of human rights should be at the center of climate actions Jan 6, 2017

    The linkages between climate change, disaster risk reduction and sustainable development needs to be strongly emphasized in order to facilitate an integrated and holistic approach to climate action.

  • Providing the remote population of Naitasiri access to social, economic and legal services Dec 13, 2016

    Remote villages in the Naitasiri province, for the longest time, found it difficult to access social, economic and legal services. The people of Matailou and Wanimala District would travel for hours on foot or horseback to the nearby bus stand to get to the city where these services are accessed.

  • Awareness and service delivery provided in Fiji’s remote communities Dec 6, 2016

    Men and women from across 18 villages in the four districts of Kadavu Province, for the first time learned about the legal aid services available to them from the Fiji Legal Aid Commission Officers who recently visited their communities.

  • Rural women secure their livelihoods through financial literacy training Dec 5, 2016

    The women of Nacokaika village, Naitasiri make significant contributions to their families and village through kai gleaning and selling. Kai or freshwater bivalves gleaning has been a job performed by women in villages along the river banks of Fiji and selling them has been a major source of their household and village income.

  • Climate smart farming techniques help local market vendor-farmers Oct 6, 2016

    A training to increase agricultural productivity and income of market-vendors is helping many who are both farmers and market vendors. The United Nations Development Programme in partnership with Fiji’s Ministry of Agriculture is using the training to broaden market vendor-farmers’ knowledge and awareness on how and what effect climate change can have on their farms and ways in which it can be mitigated.

  • Enhancing youth employment and economic sustainability for Ra farmers Sep 19, 2016

    “Tropical Cyclone Winston hit us early this year, we now heavily depend on our farms to help us recover,” said the Turaga ni Koro or the village chief of Nabalabala Village in Ra. The Engaging Youth in Organic Farming programme will assist the TC Winston recovery efforts by training youth in organic agriculture and product development.

  • Helping rebuild people’s livelihood on Shepard’s Islands through Fisheries training Sep 9, 2016

    The offshore islands of Efate extending to the Shepard’s have been part of the hardest hit islands during Tropical Cyclone Pam early last year, which caused much destruction on their livelihood.