Akiko Fujii: Closing Remarks MDGs Acceleration Framework Workshop

Oct 25, 2012

Hon. Dr. Minister ‘Ana Taufeulungaki,
Government Delegates,
Development partners,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I take this opportunity to congratulate the participating countries in undertaking the comprehensive process of developing the MDG Acceleration Frameworks for the identified targets that are lagging behind.

We have a wide range of stakeholders represented here including Government and Civil Society Representatives as well technical advisors from UN agencies and other development partners. The high level of Government representation shows the commitment by the countries towards the MDGs by developing and implementing Acceleration Frameworks for identified targets that are lagging behind.

Each of the countries has gone through extensive consultations over the last 3 days undertaking and reviewing the methodological steps of the MDG Acceleration Framework in terms of. 

  • Prioritizing ongoing interventions
  • Identifying and categorizing  bottlenecks
  • Developing and prioritizing solutions based on relating to the identified bottlenecks
  • Developing and action plan to implement the prioritized solutions

There has been enthusiastic and committed participation leading to rich discussions amongst members of the country working groups. The MAF is a new process to the Pacific and I understand that the participating countries are at various stages of formulating the MAF - the sharing of experiences among the four countries has enriched the MAF formulation process in each of individual countries.

Also, it is encouraging to note that the draft MAF action plans have taken into account disparities and inequalities within countries i.e. the rural and urban divide, gender dimensions and the needs of vulnerable groups.

However, the formulation process does not end here as the deliberations from this workshop will be taken back to be reviewed by established expert working groups and a final validation workshop will be undertaken before the MAF is endorsed.  The new step following the endorsement of the MAF will be the application of the MAF within existing local planning and implementation processes with the support from relevant development partners.

We trust that this workshop has been useful in clarifying the process in the developing the MAF in your respective countries.

Thank you

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