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Vanuatu Electoral Environment Project

The development challenge the Vanuatu Electoral Environment Project aims to contribute to is the democratic development of Vanuatu.  

Fiji Invasive Alien Species Project

Invasive alien species (IAS) are the greatest threat to biodiversity in the Pacific Islands. Numerous IAS have been introduced to Fiji, with significant impacts on natural landscapes and biodiversity.…  

Facilitation of the Achievement of Sustainable National Energy Targets of Tuvalu

The project aims to facilitate the development and utilisation of feasible renewable energy resources and applications of energy efficienct technologies in Tuvalu.  

Pacific Regional Women in Politics Project

Women's political empowerement and equal access to leadership positions at all levels are fundamental to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and a fairer world.  

Multi-Country Western Pacific Integrated HIV/TB Programme (2018-2020)

The Multi-Country Western Pacific Integrated HIV/tuberculosis Programme is a three-year programme supported by the Global Fund aiming to strengthen control of HIV and TB in 11 Pacific island…  

UN National Perceptions Survey on Peacebuilding for Solomon Islands

The publication provides a fresh insight into people’s perceptions of peacebuilding immediately after the withdrawal of RAMSI, and in the wake of recent efforts through the UN supported peacebuilding…  

Tuvalu Coastal Adaptation Project

The Tuvalu Coastal Adaptation Project assists Tuvalu by implementing measures that reduce exposure to coastal hazards in the three target islands, developing a long term coastal adaptation strategy,…  

Multi-Country Western Pacific Global Fund: Malaria Project (2015-2017)

With the ongoing contributions from the Global Fund Programme, Vanuatu will continue to sustain universal coverage of Long Lasting Insecticide treated Nets (LLINs) throughout the country to continue…  

Ensure 81% coverage of long lasting insecticide treated nets in Vanuatu (2018-2020)

Ensure 81% coverage of long lasting insecticide treated nets (LLINs) in Vanuatu is a three-year (2018-2020) US$1.56 million programme supported by the Global Fund and implemented by UNDP in…  

RESPAC DRM Information Workshop

The project facilitated the first RESPAC DRM information workshop on with development partners to optimize DRM data, databases or information systems that support disaster preparedness, response and…  

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