About us

Our Team

Mr Levan Bouadze
UNDP Resident Representative 

Ms Karin Takeuchi
UNDP Deputy Resident Representative

Mr Berdi Berdiyev
UNDP Country Manager for Solomon Islands

Ms Srijana Rana
UNDP Team Leader for Inclusive Growth

Ms Nanise Saune-Qaloewai
UNDP Team Leader a.i. for Effective Governance

Mr Kevin Petrini
UNDP Team Leader for Resilience and Sustainable Development

The UNDP Pacific Office in Fiji is responsible for the merged functions for UNDP country programming in the ten countries, which was covered by the Fiji-based Multi-Country Office, and regional programming and provision of technical advisory services by the Pacific Centre to the 15 Pacific countries, including those covered by the Samoa based Multi-Country office and the PNG Country Office. The UNDP Solomon Islands Office, now headed by a Country Manager, remains the same with stronger technical and operational connections with the UNDP Pacific Office in Fiji.

The UNDP Pacific Office in Fiji has three revitalized clusters: Resilience and Sustainable Development, Effective Governance and Inclusive Growth. The new clusters comprise both regional and country programme portfolios, to promote linkages and improve programme coherence. The Integrated Results Management Team strengthens the Monitoring and Evaluation, Programme Quality Assurance and Communications. The Joint Operations Centre provides business support to not only UNDP but also to some UN agencies in and outside the Pacific, accelerating effectiveness and efficiency of services by maximising the economy of scale.

Our Staff

Office Service Contract UNDP Staff UN Volunteer Total
Pacific Office in Fiji 24 88 6 118
Solomon Islands 34 16 5 55
Total 173

Our Consultants

2018 consultants who have received more than US$30,000 or more.

  Consultant - Job Title Project Title Amount USD Duration
1 Feasibility Study Trainer RESPAC Project $30,100 28/05/18 - 30/06/18
2 Feasibility Study Trainer
RESPAC Project
05/06/18 - 30/06/18
3 Feasibility Study Trainer
RESPAC Project
01/06/18 -
4 Vanuatu Public Accounts Committee Advisor Pacific Parliament Effective Initiative  $31,800 08/06/18 -
5 Kiribati SDG National Review Advisor Kiribati SDG Localisation Project $32,000 04/06/18 -
6 VCAP Midterm Review Consultant Adaptation to Climate Change in the Coastal Zone in Vanuatu $33,285 11/06/18 -
7 Coordination Specialist Safeguarding Biodiversity from Invasive Alien Species in FSM $34,509 11/06/18 -
8 COP23 Coordinator Support for Fiji COP23 Presidency $35,098.04 02/07/18 -
9 Trade Development Consultant Support Tonga Integration of NCDs into Trade Policy Development $35,200 02/07/18 -
10 UNDP-GEF Project Development Specialist Strengthening Fiji's Network of Locally Managed Marine Areas (LMMAs) to support globally significant marine biodiversity Project $41,300 24/06/18 -
11 FSM Invasive Species Specialist FSM Ridge to Reef Project $42,735 02/07/18 - 28/09/18
12 SDG Communication Specialist Regional SDG Project $49,774 18/06/18 - 31/10/18
13 Capacity Development Consultant Fiji Development Minerals Programme $51,471 01/10/18 - 31/12/18
14 Energy Policy Consultant Enabling the Implementation of the Nauru Energy Roadmap $54,952 15/05/18 - 15/07/18
15 UNDP GEF Product Design Specialist  Promoting Outer Island Development through the Integrated Energy Roadmap Project  $55,660 09/07/18 - 09/09/20
16 Social Environmental Safeguards Consultant Tuvalu Coastal Adaptation Project $73,500 20/06/18 - 28/02/19
17 SDG Policy Advisor 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development $77,000 25/06/18 - 09/11/18
18 VCAP Technical Specialist Adaptation to Climate Change in the Coastal Zone in Vanuatu $77,700 25/07/18 - 08/07/18

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