Gender Equality

Addressing gender gaps and discrimination of women in the society, UNDP supports the government and women with focus on women’s political participation and access to justice.

Towards the general elections schedule to take place in 2019 as the first general elections in the post-RAMSI period, UNDP has been supporting women to scale up their leadership to participate in political processes at national decision making level through providing mutual learning opportunities as practice parliament. At provincial level, 21 women leaders have taken their seats as caucus members to play an advisory role in policy making and peacebuilding.

Mainstreaming gender has also been strengthened in Solomon Islands’ justice sector as access to justice by marginalized populations is recognized key for peacebuilding, particularly for women who are victims and survivors of violence. Mapping and study on justice sector service provision has been completed in all provinces and published, which will provide the government with data and baselines for its policy making.

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