UNDP addresses development challenges through identifying more effective solutions that add value for the people and their governments in Solomon Islands. Through UNDP Innovation Facility which is a global mechanism to support innovation for development, supported by the Government of Denmark, we, in partnership with private sector, focus on two key priorities in the country: empowerment of youth and waste management.

As one of the key factors for sustaining peace and development, empowerment of youth has been the focus for collaborative intervention with private sector. We encourage unemployed youths and promote youth entrepreneurship through providing co-working space and grants to support their initiatives which address the challenges they and their communities face. At the same time risk guarantee mechanism is provided to encourage private sector to invest in and enhance youth entrepreneurial ecosystem. Through fostering youth entrepreneurship we aim to increase their voices in policy and decision making level and strengthen social cohesion in the community.

As the city grows, a huge amount of solid waste is generated on a daily basis which overburdens the capacity of Honiara City Council which is responsible for the city’s waste management. To address this issue, UNDP supports the government to find ways to promote engagement of the private sector in recycling businesses through behavioural-insights-informed interventions.

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