The day I decided to marry data

I met data at work. Data had spent much time in the West showing exemplary results for public sector innovation. When data came to my home country - India, there was intrigue and some implicit demand.  

So we’re doing experiments and learning from them – but what comes after that?

As the new year gets off to an exciting start, the United Nations Development Programme’s 60 Accelerator Labs across the world are ready to unleash the full force of their intellectual capacity,…  

Can reviving traditional knowledge systems improve climate resilience for coastal villages?

As the Accelerator Lab Pacific continues its exploration of “Climate Security for Low-Lying Coastal Areas/Atolls”, references to cultural identity continued to emerge. Cultural identity for each…  

How to scale impact: thinking big

Achieving impact, even if limited, is not really difficult. There are enough people who donate a loose dollar, euro or franc for a good cause during the Christmas season. Many of these…  

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