Re-purposing food supply chains during times of disaster

The COVID-19 crisis has knocked many companies off balance. In the food security space, fundamental changes in consumer behaviour, supply chains, and routes to market have also emerged.  

Exploring the concept and use of positive deviance in food security

The Positive Deviance (PD) concept has attracted a lot of attention in the innovation field in the past decade. The PD concept is built on the premise that "in every community or organization, there…  

Why inclusive climate consultations matter in Tuvalu

Home to some 11,000 inhabitants, Tuvalu consists of three islands and six low-lying atolls scattered across the middle of the Pacific Ocean. With a total land area of only about 26 square kilometers,…  

Experience is the best teacher

In December 2020, the UNDP Accelerator Lab Pacific partnered with the Pacific Blue Foundation (PBF), and together with the Beqa-Yanuca Secondary School, the Fiji Locally Managed Marine Area (FLMMA)…  

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