Beyond Recovery: Towards 2030

Our Evolving Response for Nauru

There are no active cases of COVID-19 in Nauru however, they country has declared a state of emergency in response to the pandemic in March 2020. Nauru’s early response efforts focused on repatriation of Nauruan nationals, establishing in-country quarantine and testing capability, developing protocols and other controls, securing contingency supplies, training and securing personnel, hospital infrastructure upgrades, and procuring medical equipment and supplies. 

The national response is coordinated by a COVID-19 Taskforce, with a strategy to ‘capture and contain’ cases. Even if Nauru remains free of COVID-19, a significant effort will be needed to facilitate economic recovery.

UNDP's Offer 2.0 

Building a new social contract

UNDP is supporting the Government in the following areas:

Institutional continuity of the National Parliament of Nauru to fulfil its constitutional mandate with a specific focus on its continuity despite COVID-19 restrictions through: 

  • strategic and technical advice for review and adaptation of parliamentary procedure to the new working context
  • support the development of internal Standard Operating Procedures and Business Continuity Plan to ensure administrative continuity
  • assist the digitalization and capacity to work remotely by providing ICT equipment to allow virtual meetings of committees, virtual public consultations and budget discussions. 

A specific assistance is proposed on strengthening parliamentary oversight of the Executive response to the pandemic

Provide of technical policy and advisory support on COVID-19 and corruption.  An advisory note on ‘COVID-19 and Corruption in the Pacific’ has been prepared and distributed to Pacific governments. A series of COVID-19 activities are being implemented, including in relation to addressing the procurement risks, capacity building for corruption risk assessment in the health sector, alerting of human-rights implications of corruption under COVID-19 and awareness raising of COVID-19 corruption risks across all sectors of society.

Rebalancing nature, climate and economy

UNDP is supporting the Government with:

Food security through the Nauru Ridge to Reef Project that is working with communities to set up home gardening initiatives. This includes establishing nurseries and disbursing food seedlings that are climate resistant and training communities on how to manage gardens and of the various seedlings provided.    

Climate Promise: enhancing and updating its Nationally Determined Contribution through five service lines: 

  • build political will and societal ownership at national and sub-national levels 
  • review, align, and update existing targets, policies and measures 
  • incorporate new sectors and/or greenhouse gases
  • assess costs and investment opportunities and 
  • support communications and learning

Renewable energy and energy efficiency: The Supporting Mainstreamed Achievement of Roadmap Targets on Energy in Nauru or SMARTEN will enable Nauru to increase applications of feasible renewable energy and energy efficient technologies to support socio-economic development. This is in line with country’s energy roadmap targets. The project aims to strengthen energy policy and regulatory framework, support renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives, promote renewable energy and energy efficient technologies applications, and improve the energy sector capacity.

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