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Our Evolving Response for Marshall Islands 

To date, there have been four confirmed COVID-19 and no deaths in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. The country enforced a travel ban of incoming visitors from around the world, and visitors from China in March 2020. The government continues to build the infrastructure and prepare equipment it needs for example, the new COVID-19 medial isolation center in Majuro. Due to the restrictions, the country is projected to incur a 6.9% decline in GDP. 

UNDP's Offer 2.0 

Building a new social contract

UNDP is supporting the Government in the following areas:

Institutional continuity of the Marshall Islands Parliament to fulfil its constitutional mandate with a specific focus on its continuity despite COVID-19 restrictions through:

  • strategic and technical advice for review and adaptation of parliamentary procedure to the new working context
  • support the development of internal Standard Operating Procedures and Business Continuity Plan to ensure administrative continuity
  • assist the digitalization and capacity to work remotely by providing ICT equipment to allow virtual meetings of committees, virtual public consultations and budget discussions. 

A specific assistance is proposed on strengthening parliamentary oversight of the Executive response to the pandemic and provide a ‘surge’ capacity to conduct an independent parliamentary budget analysis on COVID-19 response packages through the Pacific Floating Budget Office, especially on cross-cutting thematic issues such as gender inclusivity and climate change finance.

Provision of technical policy and advisory support on COVID-19 and corruption. An advisory note on ‘COVID-19 and Corruption in the Pacific’ has been prepared and distributed to Pacific governments. A series of COVID-19 activities are being implemented, including in relation to addressing the procurement risks, capacity building for corruption risk assessment in the health sector, alerting of human-rights implications of corruption under COVID-19 and awareness raising of COVID-19 corruption risks across all sectors of society.

Support anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism issues. The support is being channeled through the Office of the Banking Commission’s Financial Institutions Supervision and focuses on the AML/CFT examinations of domestic commercial banks and financial institutions.

Uprooting inequalities

UNDP is supporting the Government in the following areas:

  • As part of COVID-19 reprogramming, UNDP Pacific Office in Fiji has been supporting the Fiji Competition and Consumer Commission (FCCC) in protecting consumers rights including protection from price gouging, hoarding of essential commodities, rental hikes and evictions, contingency buying and ensuring stability in the supply of basic essential goods. 
  • Support to the Ministry of Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation in re-purposing the Rights, Empowerment and Cohesion (REACH) Project for Rural and Urban Fijians – a mobile integrated citizen rights, responsibilities and services awareness raising with delivery of government and CSO services to respond rapidly to the major health and socio-economic impacts of COVID-19 in Fiji.  
  • Supporting the Fiji Ministry of Communications with the development of the contact tracing app careFIJI within a week had already been downloaded 30,500 times.
  • Supporting the UN Country Team in with the overall Fiji socio-economic assessment as well as specific technical inputs to pillar three and pillar five. In collaboration with AccLab, a sensemaking process took place to help map needs and potential solutions emerging from Fiji’s socio-economic assessments within a system thinking framework, to better formulate and position UNDP’s socio-economic response to COVID-19.


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