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Our Evolving Response for the Federated States of Micronesia

The Federated States of Micronesia shut its borders as early as March 2020 and is among the few remaining countries in the world that remain COVID-19 free. The government has delayed repatriation plans but remains committed to implementing all efforts to repatriate its citizens under the safest and most effective procedures necessary to protect the health and safety of its citizens. 

The country continues to build their response and prevention capacity from the development of procedures and construction of facilities, to the implementation of training and social protection programming. 

UNDP's Offer 2.0 

Building a new social contract

UNDP is supporting the Government in the following areas:

Institutional continuity of the Federated States of Micronesia Parliament to fulfil its constitutional mandate with a specific focus on its continuity despite COVID-19 restrictions through: 

  1. strategic and technical advice for review and adaptation of parliamentary procedure to the new working context
  2. support the development of internal Standard Operating Procedures and Business Continuity Plan to ensure administrative continuity
  3. assist the digitalization and capacity to work remotely by providing ICT equipment to allow virtual meetings of committees, virtual public consultations and budget discussions. 

A specific assistance is proposed on strengthening parliamentary oversight of the Executive response to the pandemic and provide a ‘surge’ capacity to conduct an independent parliamentary budget analysis on COVID-19 response packages through the Pacific Floating Budget Office, especially on cross-cutting thematic issues such as gender inclusivity and climate change finance.

Provision of technical policy and advisory support on COVID-19 and corruption. An advisory note on ‘COVID-19 and Corruption in the Pacific’ has been prepared and distributed to Pacific governments. A series of COVID-19 activities are being implemented, including in relation to addressing the procurement risks, capacity building for corruption risk assessment in the health sector, alerting of human-rights implications of corruption under COVID-19 and awareness raising of COVID-19 corruption risks across all sectors of society.

Support the extensive review of the Freedom of Information Bill and a virtual webinar on advancing the Right to Information in the country, including specific deliberations on the COVID-19 implication to the right to information. 

Provide technical and policy support to develop the National Anti-Corruption Strategy. The anti-corruption policy is expected to serve as a critical instrument in addressing corruption risks beyond COVID19.

Uprooting inequalities

UNDP is supporting the Government in the following areas:

Support COVID-19 public awareness and campaigns through printing and distribution of information materials, video productions and translations of key messages into the local language. Mass SMS texting are also used to widely disseminate key information. 

Support the procurement of medical equipment to help manage COVID-19 cases, these include N95 face masks, surgical/medical masks, gloves, pedestal sink faucets, doctor gowns, isolation gown fluid resistant and face shield 100% antifog, PET.

Rebalancing nature, climate and economy

UNDP is supporting the Government with:

Energy Efficiency through the Micronesia Public Sector Buildings Energy Efficiency Project that will facilitate improved application of energy conservation and energy efficiency techniques and practices in the design, retrofit and ongoing operations and maintenance of public sector buildings.

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