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Digital remote sensing technology to upscale Palau’s disaster risk management

Palau is taking an extraordinary step forward to further strengthen its disaster risk management and climate change adaptation efficiency using detailed and accurate topographic data.  

Tuvalu Coastal Adaptation Project empowering women and girls

Over the past years, there has been a great shift in the roles of Tuvaluan women at home, in the community, and at the national and international levels. Now, women are engaged as lawyers,…  

Information Note: Right to information in the Pacific

The Right to Information is a powerful anti-corruption tool that gives all persons the right to access information held by public bodies.  

Information Note: Holistic integrity frameworks to address corruption

Corruption is a complex and multi-faceted phenomenon, which hinders development and undermines the security of societies.  

Information Note: Good practices in public service excellence to prevent corruption

This is a key focus of Chapter II of the United Nations Convention against Corruption on preventive measures, and is further supported by the global adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable…  

Information Note: Economic and social impacts of corruption in the Pacific

The Pacific region is rich in natural resources and has great potential for economic development.  

Information Note: Pacific civil society engagement to address corruption

The United Nations Convention against Corruption and the Sustainable Development Goals recognize that partnerships between government and civil society are critical to successfully fighting…  

Information Note: Action taken by Pacific legislatures to address corruption

Action taken by Pacific legislatures to address corruption and promote public accountability and transparency.  

The Role of Non-State Actors and Citizens in Corruption Prevention in the Pacific

Corruption is a critical impediment to sustainable development, good governance and economic growth.  

Status of the Right to Information in Pacific Island Countries

The Right to Information can be defined as the right of all persons to access information held by public bodies also commonly referred to as ‘the right to know’, Freedom of Information or Access to…  

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