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Empowering the vulnerable: Experts call for equitable access to climate and disaster risk insurance

The nascent climate and disaster risk finance and insurance (CDRFI) space in the Pacific is buzzing with activity. The financial impacts of extreme weather events in the region are driving the…  

Umi strong. Umi smart. Umi confident. We are leaders.*

"Here comes Dorothy," whispers one young woman to another as a little canoe approaches the shore. They are standing outside a village meeting house in Isabel Province, Solomon Islands. Dotted across…  

Building resilience through community cohesion

Arbi Rubon, 68, is not a stranger when it comes to climate change effects and its impacts. Born and raised on Ebon Island in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, he learned about the agricultural…  

Fiji’s market vendor farmers assisted during pandemic restrictions

The high cost of transportation for market vendors from their farms to municipal markets is an ongoing challenge. This worsened during the pandemic due to the lockdowns when travel restrictions were…  

Disability and climate change: a story of hope from Tuvalu

Sinkiagi Taulamati, 64, is a proud Tuvaluan carpenter who contributed to the construction of classroom facilities on the outer islands of Nukulaelae and Niutao.  

Stories from Tamana: an island at the forefront of climate change

For the people of Tamana island, in Kiribati, climate change is already an existential reality. Increasing extreme weather events, saltwater intrusion, and droughts affect food security on low-lying…  

Will you marry me on the REACH bus?

Savaira and Amani took each other’s hands and exchanged marriage vows. Having been declared married, the couple then signed the register, along with their two witnesses and the Registrar.  

Solomon Islands youth tackle social issues with innovation and entrepreneurship

Malaita, the most populous province in Solomon Islands, is blessed with resources. Its islands have reefs teeming with seafood and fertile soil for growing pineapple, cassava and countless other…  

Empowering persons with disabilities through the Access to Justice Assessment

Raising an infant can be hard work at the best of times. Doing it as a single mother changing diapers, managing breast feeding, and sleepless nights are even more physically and emotionally exhausting…  

Social Services reaching the furthest behind first in Fiji

Kelera looked up from cutting her grass and climbed up the decaying wooden steps to open the door of her house to welcome the unexpected visitors from the social welfare office.  

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