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Agile digital approach on access to justice challenges

The Justice Needs and Satisfaction in Fiji 2018 assessment commissioned by the European Union (EU)-funded Fiji Access to Justice project highlighted challenges and significance of access to justice in…  

Young Fijians pool creative talent for clean public procurement messages

A group of young Fijians are developing innovative social media contents and expressive arts to raise public awareness about corruption and bribery.  

Fiji’s market vendor farmers assisted during pandemic restrictions

The high cost of transportation for market vendors from their farms to municipal markets is an ongoing challenge. This worsened during the pandemic due to the lockdowns when travel restrictions were…  

Risk informed road enhances accessibility of Vatawai community

With support from the Gov4Res Project, the Fiji Ministry of Rural and Maritime Development and Disaster Management constructed the risk informed road, which enhances accessibility of Vatawai…  

Resilient infrastructure enhances water security in Tuvu

The Tuvu settlement, situated on the coast between Ba town and Lautoka, has for many years faced severe water security challenges. The settlement of 11 families has relied on shallow, hand/dug wells,…  

Enabling people to get on track for recovery

Aminiasi Navukura is a happy man, thanks to a community visit to his village recently. He almost lost his eyesight after noticing that the condition of his right eye was deteriorating but he was…  

Values of honesty and integrity cerebrated across sectors in Fiji

Young students and civil servants celebrated the values of honesty and integrity by expressing their thoughts and views through creative arts and essays to mark International Anti-Corruption Day.  

Partnership to support innovative approach to Right to Information

The Fiji Council of Social Services has partnered with the UN Development Programme and the UK government to develop a diagnostic tool for improved access to information and open data through a…  

Launch of Legal Aid Commission Digital Case and Client Management System

I am delighted to be here with our prominent partners at the public launch of this historic digital innovation initiative undertaken by the Fiji Legal Aid Commission.  

New digital case and client management system to benefit all Fijians

Fiji’s Legal Aid Commission, which provides the most advanced legal aid services in the Pacific region, is embarking on a digital transformation in its operation and service provision. All Fijians,…  

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