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Testing behavioural-insights-informed interventions to change plastic habits

As lifestyles change and a perpetual influx of single-use plastics are introduced in Honiara, the capital city of Solomon Islands, the city’s waste management system cannot keep up with the daily…  

“Changing Minds: Testing Plastic-Free Schools in the Solomon Islands”

Plastic waste is a huge issue in the Solomon Islands capital Honiara. In October 2018, UNDP in the Solomon Islands won funding from UNDP’s Global Innovation Facility to design a behavioral…  

Schools re-thinking plastic – what have we learnt during the trial of this initiative

Five schools in the Solomon Islands capital, Honiara, have completed a trial on the alternative use of single use plastic which aims to provide insight on how behavior influences habits regarding…  

Inclusiveness of Political Parties Discussed at Regional Conference

The third regional Political Parties Conference is currently underway in Honiara, Solomon Islands to develop broad outreach strategies that will engage youth, women and minority groups.  

Next Generation of Innovation: The youth building businesses and peace in Solomon Islands

In the Langalanga Lagoon of Malaita Province, Solomon Islands, home is on the water. The sea is everything to communities that line the lagoon. It harbours mangroves and is a source of fish and shells…  

Climate Early Warning Systems in Pacific Island Countries

The Climate Early Warning Systems in Pacific Island Countries project aims to enhance countries' adaptive capacities for disaster preparedness, response and recovery.  

Access to Justice Technical Report for Solomon Islands

The Access to Justice Survey Technical Report provides basic descriptive summaries of survey questions, as well as differences between key variables of gender, age, location type, province, and level…  

Access to Justice Survey Summary Report for Solomon Islands

In 2019, Sustineo was engaged through UNDP to deliver the Access to Justice Solomon Islands Survey with the purpose of better understanding justice needs in Solomon Islands.  

Access to Justice Study Report for Solomon Islands

The report is the culmination of a 6-month study on context, barriers and challenges to the resolution of disputes and justice problems in the Solomon Islands.  

Five Schools Trial Solutions to Reduce Plastics

Five Honiara schools are trying for 10 weeks to replace single-use plastics in their lunch service through a new waste management initiative.  

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