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Catching the last wave with Broderick Menke

Our guest for this episode of "Catching the last wave" is Mr. Broderick Menke, National Adaptation Plan (NAP) Coordinator for the Republic of the Marshall Islands.  

Building resilience through community cohesion

Arbi Rubon, 68, is not a stranger when it comes to climate change effects and its impacts. Born and raised on Ebon Island in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, he learned about the agricultural…  

New solar system in Tobi to benefit teachers and students

The installation of the third off-grid 5kw solar system at the Tobi Elementary School has brought joy and happiness to the children, teachers and the entire population. The solar system will provide…  

Risk informed road enhances accessibility of Vatawai community

With support from the Gov4Res Project, the Fiji Ministry of Rural and Maritime Development and Disaster Management constructed the risk informed road, which enhances accessibility of Vatawai…  

Resilient infrastructure enhances water security in Tuvu

The Tuvu settlement, situated on the coast between Ba town and Lautoka, has for many years faced severe water security challenges. The settlement of 11 families has relied on shallow, hand/dug wells,…  

Catching the last wave with Hon. Seve Paeniu

Our guest for this episode of "Catching the last wave" is Hon. Seve Paeniu, Tuvalu's Minister of Finance.  

Addressing climate security in the Pacific

Focusing on inclusive solutions at the community level, exchanging views and expectations on how to address climate-security issues at the regional level, and deciding on the catalytic way forward…  

How climate change fuels violence against women and girls

The number of people living in the Pacific region who have been affected by disasters has increased from 1.2 million to 18 million since 1980. Impacts include death and injury; destruction of homes…  

Fijian Government launches Strategic Development Plan to support resilient development

The Fiji Ministry of Rural and Maritime Development and Disaster Management launched its 10-year Strategic Development Plan 2021-2031 at an official launch event today.  

A whole of Government approach to enhancing resilience in Solomon Islands

The Government of Solomon Islands has committed to a whole of government approach to enhancing community resilience at a joint signing ceremony of a Letter of Agreement (LoA) with the United Nations…  

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