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Shank's pony to deliver voting materials

In Vanuatu, with its many isolated rural villages and lack of all-weather roads, it is often very difficult for goods and Government services to be accessed by remote Ni-Vanuatu communities.  

Pacific civil society and illustrators becoming public finance management experts

More than 50 civil society organization (CSO) representatives and illustrators from Fiji, Tuvalu, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea are on their way to being experts as they proceed into…  

TAP Call for Proposals

Vanuatu Parliament Open Day

COVID-19 has unfolded unprecedented times for humanity. It has impacted our lives, economies, the way we work. It is the very reason that we at UNDP Pacific Office could not join you in person for…  

Public Solicitor's Office 2020-2025 Five-Year Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan was conceptualised and developed by the staff of the PSO and MJLA, including officers doing crucial and challenging work in the provinces. The PSO staff recognise the needs to have…  

Revitalizing Provincial Youth Councils

Welcome to the new episode of the UNDP podcast where we are talking to Mr Aaron Olofia, Chairman of the National Youth Congress and Mr Denton Enrico, Director for Youth Department in the Ministry of…  

Young entrepreneurs meet in Savai’i to strengthen business ethics and tackle corruption

Samoan young entrepreneurs are meeting in Savai’i today to explore the role they can play in strengthening ethics, internal business control mechanisms and compliance in their local businesses.  

Parliament Open Day to commemorate Vanuatu’s Constitution Day

With the theme “Strengthening our Parliament in the spirit of our Constitution”, Parliament is hosting this event to bring awareness to the role of Parliament as a democratic institution and the…  

New Public Solicitor’s Office branch in Munda to cater to the Western Province

More people in the Western Province, will be able to access legal information and services with the opening of the new Public Solicitor’s Office branch in Munda.  

Building effective Provincial Youth Councils

The UN Development Programme, in cooperation with the National Youth Congress and the Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs, led the process of revitalizing the Provincial Youth…  

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