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Rights, Empowerment and Cohesion (REACH) for Rural and Urban Fijians

The REACH Project aims to promote peace building, social cohesion and inclusiveness. Project conducts awareness raising of the social, economic and legal rights enshrined in the Constitution of the…  

Fiji Parliament Support Project II

The development challenge that the project seeks to address is the limited capacities in Parliament to discharge its mandate in relation to legislation, oversight and representation.  

Pacific Parliamentary Effectiveness Initiative Phase II

The project seeks to address the limited effectiveness and capacity of national parliaments, in Pacific Island countries, to engage with key development issues, contribute to the development of…  

Palau Local Governance Strengthening Project

The 3-year project aims to provide support to the Government of Palau in strengthening governance capacities at local state government levels and national capacity within the Ministry of State's…  

Tuvalu Constitutional Review Project

The project supports the government and people of Tuvalu to review their national constitution considering the socio-economic and political challenges.  

Justice and compassion for rape survivors

One in three women and girls worldwide experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetime, most frequently by an intimate partner. But in in Fiji, according to the UN, that figure rises to two…  

Enabling violence survivors to access justice

A United Nations Report states that persons with psycho-social disabilities experience more violence compared to persons without disabilities, while persons with disabilities are 1.5 times more likely…  

Strengthened Oversight of Public Finance Management System by Parliaments Crucial

The capacity development support for Members of Parliament and representatives of SAIs is an integral in supporting the human development needs as well as the aspirations of meeting the Sustainable…  

Risk informed development that is climate sensitive and socially inclusive is sustainable

Pacific Island countries are facing considerable development challenges due to the increasing impacts of climate change and extreme geo-hazard events. Development must be risk informed to reduce…  

Pacific Government Audit Offices’ Performance Results Analysed

Five audit offices in the Pacific undertook a review of their operations using the International Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions performance measurement framework .  

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