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National Consultation to review Vanuatu's National Energy Map Implementation Plan

Stakeholders involved in the implementation of the country’s National Energy Road Map have met in Port Vila to discuss the way forward for the implementation of the national plan.  

Barrier Removal for Achieving the National Energy Road Map Targets for Vanuatu

The project aims to enable the achievement of the energy access, sustainable energy, and green growth targets of Vanuatu, as represented in the country’s National Energy Road Map 2020 and 2030…  

Project to Support the Achievement of National Energy Targets for Tuvalu

The small Pacific Island nation of Tuvalu faces several energy challenges, arising mainly from the lack of indigenous fossil fuel sources and remoteness.  

Waste-to-Energy Power Generation in Fiji

Action for the Development of Marshall Islands Renewable energies

The Marshall Islands is currently heavily dependent on imported fossil fuels for its energy supply, with petroleum accounting for more than 85% of the country’s commercial energy consumption.  

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