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Pacific Anti-Corruption Project

The project aims to strengthen implementation of anti-corruption measures at national, sub-regional and regional levels. It will do so through supporting key public sector organizations to scale up…  

A Malaria-Free Vanuatu, Contributing to the Good Health and Well-Being of the Population

This project seeks to support Vanuatu’s Ministry of Health vision to reduce local transmission of malaria to zero in all provinces and achieve a ‘malaria-free Vanuatu’ by the end of 2023.  

Multi-country Western Pacific Integrated HIV/TB Programme

The Multi-Country Western Pacific Integrated HIV/Tuberculosis Programme supports national and regional efforts across 11 Pacific islands countries to scale up and improve the delivery of HIV and TB…  

Agile digital approach on access to justice challenges

The Justice Needs and Satisfaction in Fiji 2018 assessment commissioned by the European Union (EU)-funded Fiji Access to Justice project highlighted challenges and significance of access to justice in…  

Mental Wellness a top priority for the PSO

Lawyers at the Public Solicitor’s Office, such as Beverly, continuously deal with other people’s legal issues, which requires effective mental health management.  

Young Fijians pool creative talent for clean public procurement messages

A group of young Fijians are developing innovative social media contents and expressive arts to raise public awareness about corruption and bribery.  

Enabling people to get on track for recovery

Aminiasi Navukura is a happy man, thanks to a community visit to his village recently. He almost lost his eyesight after noticing that the condition of his right eye was deteriorating but he was…  

Values of honesty and integrity cerebrated across sectors in Fiji

Young students and civil servants celebrated the values of honesty and integrity by expressing their thoughts and views through creative arts and essays to mark International Anti-Corruption Day.  

Side Event Panel: Women as Drivers for Fair and Ethical Business

Women business executives from multinationals, SMEs, business associations and government agencies will exchange their experience working with and supporting women-led enterprises in Ghana, Palau,…  

Digitalization – a 'silver bullet' to prevent corruption?

The event will discuss a critical role digitalization plays in preventing corruption globally. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development has brought immense opportunities to leverage digitalization…  

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