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A Mapping of Justice Sector Service in the Solomon Islands
Central District
Eastern Inner District
Eastern Outer District
Western District
Malaita District
Correction Services, Department of Public Prosecution & Public Solicitors Offices in the Solomon Islands
Courts in the Solomon Islands
Police Stations and Posts in the Solomon Islands

A Mapping of Justice Sector Service Provision in the Solomon Islands

Dec 16, 2018

The Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs and UNDP jointly undertook this mapping of justice sector service provision in 2018 with a view to informing longer term planning and policy making in the justice sector. Whilst the primary intention of the mapping was to focus on how justice and police services are provided for women and girls subject to violence, the nature of the research is such that the findings are of wider relevance. The report includes a geographical mapping of formal justice and police services across the Provinces, and information on additional related services targeting women and girls affected by violence, and provided by non-government organisations.

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