Anti-corruption toolkit for women-owned micro, small and medium businesses in Fiji

Sep 8, 2020

The Anti-Corruption Toolkit aims to clarify what constitutes corruption in Fiji, what laws and institutions are used to prevent and fight corruption, and who you can ask for help when you are confronted with a potential instance of corruption. 

Corruption can have a devastating impact on your business. This Toolkit is here to help by offering tips and tools on how to protect you and your business against corruption.

This Toolkit was developed in response to needs identified during discussions with 51 women entrepreneurs, who attended workshops on anticorruption for MSMEs in Fiji.

This Toolkit is primarily intended for women-owned MSMEs, and close attention was paid to ensure that corrupt practices commonly faced by women entrepreneurs were the focus of this Toolkit. However, any person managing or working within MSMEs in Fiji would benefit from reading this, as many of the principles and offences could be encountered in any sector or setting.

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