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PRRP Vanuatu Food Security Brief

Enhanced Food Security in Vanuatu’s Disaster Prone Communities

Aug 16, 2019

Vanuatu is an agriculture based economy, with 80% of the population depending entirely on subsistence agriculture for both their daily sustenance and well-being, and collectively the sector accounting for at least 20% of GDP (MALFFB, 2014).

In April 2015, category 5 Tropical Cyclone (TC) Pam struck Vanuatu with wind gusts of over 300km/hr. The cyclone devastated up to 96% of crops, heavily impacted livestock and disrupted fsheries. With such a signifcant portion of the population engaged in agriculture activities, the livelihoods of up to 188,000 people were afected. 

This Briefng Note outlines steps which have been undertaken by communities, government and NGOs to deliver the Resilient Agriculture initiatives in select communities in Vanuatu.

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