Resilience and Sustainable Development

Protection and conservation of the environment is becoming increasingly important because of the effects of climate change such as rising sea levels and ocean acidification. Large-scale forest logging, commercial agriculture and associated land clearing, threaten the sustainability of natural resources. Leveraging environment and climate funding help enable the countries and territories to step up their activities in climate change adaptation and mitigation and in integrating climate change and disaster risk management into national and sectoral planning.

Our Goals

UNDP Pacific Office in Fiji works with Pacific Island countries to strengthen their legal and institutional frameworks for sustainable development and addressing gaps in environmental legislation. UNDP also helps in climate change adaptation and mitigation, conservation of biodiversity, minimizing land degradation, ensuring efficient and equitable water resources management and water supply and sanitation delivery, replicating best practices for solid waste management programmes and increasing efforts towards enabling access to electricity, environmentally sustainable transportation and cleaner/affordable fuels at both national and community levels.more

Strengthening School Preparedness for Tsunamis in Fiji, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Vanuatu

"It was exactly a year ago, I remember vividly. I was trying to avoid getting drenched and lag behind while students from the Aleipata high school outran me quite easily. I would catch up with them under a tented area with signs that read ‘Safe Evacuation Zone’, a good kilometer away from their high school," writes Shairi Mathur, Disaster Risk Reduction Specialist and Tsunami Project Coordinator, UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub on the occasion of the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction. More

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