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From insights to action: harnessing Solomon Islands’ digital potential for development

The UN Development Programme in Solomon Islands, in cooperation with the Office of Prime Minister (OPM), is conducting the Digital Readiness Assessment, which will assess the digital capacities of the…  

Pacific civil society approaches to public finance management

Public Finance Management can be synonymous with technical laws, 1,000 pages budgets, lines of codes and numbers reviewed in audits. As such it has been a topic that the majority of people in the…  

‘REACH buses’ bring COVID-19 vaccination closer to communities in Fiji

Around 10 people at a time, the number was kept under control by the staff, and one by one they were called into the large bus parked in front of the tent. Inside the bus, each individual had a brief…  

Fiji Government and UNDP reaffirm cooperation towards resilient development

The Fiji Ministry of Rural and Maritime Development and Disaster Management and UNDP have reaffirmed their commitment and cooperation towards resilient development in Fiji.  

New Pacific university anti-corruption course launched

The University of the South Pacific, in partnership with the United Nations Pacific Regional Anti-Corruption Project, today launched a new Pacific-wide anti-corruption course to improve understanding…  

Value of UNDP-Palau Partnership confirmed by Vice-President Sengebau Senior

The UN Development Programme and the Government of Palau held their Annual Programme Review meeting on Tuesday 15 June. Senior officials from the UNDP Pacific Office participated in the virtual…  

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