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Young Fijians engage in rights-based development

The democratic process for sustainable development relies on the engagement of everyone, young and old, with shared goals. Meaningful engagement of young people can build a more inclusive, equal…  

Psychosocial helpline to the vulnerable in the COVID-19 socio-economic crisis

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is far more than just a health crisis: it has shaken societies and economies to their core. Each individual is dealing with their own crises.  

Progress against the multiple dimensions of poverty was made before the pandemic – but now it is at risk

The COVID-19 pandemic is a stark reminder that we need to look beyond income to tackle poverty in all its forms.  

Ensuring uninterrupted HIV, TB and malaria services in the time of COVID-19

The health community in the Western Pacific is adapting to make sure vulnerable populations are not left behind.  

Reunited virtually with families in prisons

Kelera’s (not her real name) son is now 22 years old and lives and studies at the University in Hawaii. Separated from her son since he was five years old, Kelera has not seen his face in years. She…  

Innovating for people and planet in Vanuatu

Vanuatu is one of the few countries in the world to have been spared the COVID-19 pandemic so far, with zero case recorded. But the socio-economic impacts of COVID-19 are spreading even further than…  

Digital services provide prisoners with access to justice during the COVID-19 pandemic

Prisoners have been able to meet their children, spouses, siblings and parents living in Fiji and overseas through the video conferencing facilities. For many of them, they have not been able to see…  

Knowledge to empower settlement residents

Illegal rent increases, undocumented sub-letting, overcharging of utility bills – all are common issues unfairly experienced by tenants in Fiji, particularly those living in tightly-packed informal…  

New partnership for Fiji’s security sector governance launched

A new project was signed today between the Government of New Zealand, the Fiji Police Force and UNDP. The Fiji Police Force Support Project is a four-year project of US$ 4.2 million (FJ$ 9.2 million),…  

Tuvalu wields new data in the fight against climate change

If you’ve been following the news related to COVID-19, you will have heard the mantra “testing, testing, testing”. The understanding is, if we don’t know how the virus is spreading, how can we…  

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