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Catching the last wave with Broderick Menke

Our guest for this episode of "Catching the last wave" is Mr. Broderick Menke, National Adaptation Plan (NAP) Coordinator for the Republic of the Marshall Islands.  

Building resilience through community cohesion

Arbi Rubon, 68, is not a stranger when it comes to climate change effects and its impacts. Born and raised on Ebon Island in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, he learned about the agricultural…  

Young Fijians pool creative talent for clean public procurement messages

A group of young Fijians are developing innovative social media contents and expressive arts to raise public awareness about corruption and bribery.  

Fiji’s market vendor farmers assisted during pandemic restrictions

The high cost of transportation for market vendors from their farms to municipal markets is an ongoing challenge. This worsened during the pandemic due to the lockdowns when travel restrictions were…  

Enabling people to get on track for recovery

Aminiasi Navukura is a happy man, thanks to a community visit to his village recently. He almost lost his eyesight after noticing that the condition of his right eye was deteriorating but he was…  

Addressing climate security in the Pacific

Focusing on inclusive solutions at the community level, exchanging views and expectations on how to address climate-security issues at the regional level, and deciding on the catalytic way forward…  

How climate change fuels violence against women and girls

The number of people living in the Pacific region who have been affected by disasters has increased from 1.2 million to 18 million since 1980. Impacts include death and injury; destruction of homes…  

Enjoying land rights in Solomon Islands

Land is entrenched in Solomon Islanders' DNA - it plays a great role in the nation's culture and traditions. Most importantly, people's lives and livelihoods depend on the land and its resources.  

Digital innovations transforming HIV treatment, care and support services in the Pacific islands

A new initiative led by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is bringing digital transformation to training and clinical support for front-line health personnel providing care for people…  

Disability and climate change: a story of hope from Tuvalu

Sinkiagi Taulamati, 64, is a proud Tuvaluan carpenter who contributed to the construction of classroom facilities on the outer islands of Nukulaelae and Niutao.  

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