Youth Co:Lab Fiji

at the National Youth and Sports Conference
26 - 27 March 2019
Laucala Campus, University of the South Pacific

Investments in information and communication technologies (ICT) are a key driver of economic growth today and in the future. ICT has the potential to increase efficiency and value, facilitate knowledge sharing and enhance innovation. Online-based start-ups have the capability to scale and generate major income and employment opportunities without the traditional regard to physical location, connection to transportation or supply chain accessibility, which is especially relevant for Fiji as a Pacific Island country. A small team or even one person with exceptional ICT talent and skills can create a world-changing innovation or start a leading company. On the other hand, disruptive technologies pose a risk to economies and societies that are not ready in terms of flexibility, people’s capacities and overall level of development: this is another reason to nurture national ICT skills.

UNDP-USP Innovation Hub will host a 2-day ideation workshop and competition for Fijian youth. The National Youth and Sports Conference will bring together young people from all over Fiji, which is a perfect opportunity to find talent to support. The ICT and Innovations track of the conference will be run by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the University of the South Pacific (USP). The Ministry of Youth and Sports will select 10 youth who have proven interest in tech, innovations, SDGs and entrepreneurship to participate in Youth Co:Lab track. The ideation workshop for the youth participants, USP students and selected applicants will lead to pitches evaluated by a panel of experts. Participants of the first Youth Co:Lab Fiji which took place in January will share their experiences and support the event as mentors.

While the main theme for the event is Information and Communication Technologies, and there will be sessions to give the participants knowledge and skills on this topic, the ideas produced and presented don’t have to be focused on ICT. However, it will be appreciated if the ICT learnings from the workshops are included into the pitches.

The University of the South Pacific will present research on current issues and relevant innovative approaches in fields of ICT, economics, climate change and environment, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Culture and Innovations. USP students can present their projects and find practical application opportunities for their studies. Youth participants will learn about student research areas and may come up with collaboration opportunities.

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Evgeniya Kleshcheva
Communications and Partnerships
Inclusive Growth Team - UNDP Pacific Office in Fiji
Tel: +679 738 50 67

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