Funafuti, Tuvalu -  An induction seminar was conducted for the first time for Members of Parliament from 29-30 November 2007 at the Vaiaku Lagi Hotel in Funafuti, Tuvalu. The seminar was officially opened by the Prime Minister Hon. Apisai Ielemia and was attended by Members of Parliament, the Attorney General and the Auditor General.

The overarching goal of the seminar was to sensitize and encourage greater understanding of public leadership, constitutional frameworks, accountability, transparency and parliamentary oversight among sitting and newly elected members.

The seminar focuses on core responsibilities of Parliament as provided for by the Constitution of Tuvalu including lawmaking, oversight, representation and Parliament-constituency relationship. Members of Parliament also appreciate other discussion regarding the Constitutional structure and powers of the institutions of the State of Tuvalu.

MPs agreed that this seminar is an essential step in helping them know their roles and responsibilities including deficiencies in current processes and the regulatory framework of Parliament. Members of Parliament further expressed their appreciations to the commitment of the United Nations Development Programme to provide a capacity building project for the Parliament of Tuvalu where Members of Parliament and the institutions of Parliament will be continuously strengthened.

The seminar was presided over by the Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon Sir Kamuta Latasi and supported by international resource people from the United Nations Development Programme and the Australian Commonwealth Parliamentary Association.

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