Tarawa, Kiribati - While opening a four day workshop for the Public Accounts Committee in Tarawa, President of Kiribati, Anote Tong highlighted the need to promote greater accountability and transparency in the use of Public funds.

The workshop, organized by the Parliamentary Secretariat and UNDP Multi-Country Office, which commenced on Monday 12 May, aimed at enhancing the capacity of the Public Accounts Committee to provide effective oversight of the financial actions of the Government and the public service.

Participants which included Members of Parliament, staff of the Parliamentary Secretariat, public servants and Managers and Directors of State-Owned Enterprises discussed the need for increased demand from the community for strengthened financial management in the public sector.

In addition to this, Committee members discussed their role in scrutinizing the finances of Government Departments and Enterprises to ensure that funds have been utilized for the correct purpose.

Supporting agencies, such as the Audit Office, also explored their roles and responsibilities in providing Audits to the Committee. State-Owned Enterprises were urged to submit their accounts to the Audit Office in a timely manner.

The Speaker of Parliament, Mr Taomati Iota, thanked UNDP for the support and reiterated the key messages of the Workshop, encouraging members of the Public Accounts Committee to use the momentum created by the Workshop to enhance financial accountability and transparency.

The Workshop forms part of an ongoing Parliamentary Strengthening project for the Parliament of Kiribati and was facilitated by Professor Peter Loney of LaTrobe University.

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