Port Vila, Vanuatu - An effective Parliament leads to effective governance enabling better service for everyone. This was the theme of a three day (30 September to 02 October) Orientation Workshop for Members of the 9th Parliament of Vanuatu. The workshop was attended by all members from the Government and the Opposition party in Port Vila.

In warmly congratulating the newly elected Members of the Parliament, the United Nations (UN) Resident Coordinator and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Resident Representative, Mr Richard Dictus said that global trends indicate a strong correlation between effective leadership and meeting development challenges and the Millennium Development Goals.

“Therefore addressing social issues such as raising poverty levels, unemployment, high death rates amongst children, raising national debts and addressing inequality between men and women, requires effective leadership,” he said.

This he added, begins with “Parliament where Members are in a strategic position to bring about the most significant change in the lives of its people.”

Given the expanding Vanuatu Economy, Mr Dictus urged the Members to exercise prudence in their deliberations during their term in Parliament to ensure that the benefit of growth reaches the furthest islands and villages across Vanuatu.

The Orientation Workshop is the first of its kind in the history of Vanuatu and is part of UNDP's Preparatory Assistance Project to the Parliament of Vanuatu.

The Workshop is organized in partnership with the Centre for Democratic Institute (CDI) and is resourced with technical support from the Parliament of Solomon Islands & UNDP Project; the Parliament of Queensland; and the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association of Australia.

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