Suva, Fiji - Journals documenting the proceedings of the Upper and Lower Houses of the Fiji Parliament between 2000 and 2006 were handed over by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to the Parliament Secretariat in a ceremony on Tuesday 15 July in Suva.

The Journals compiled through a UNDP Project that operationally closed last year, documents a portion of Fiji’s legislative history.

At the hand-over ceremony, UNDP’s Acting Resident Representative, Toily Kurbanov said that this was a significant achievement for the Parliamentary Secretariat as the Journals will provide a valuable resource to the Public in years to come. He added that the UN is welcoming and encouraging Fiji’s return to democracy.

“We are very proud to have some association with this important work and would like to underline that the primary importance of the benefit and credit for that work goes to the Secretariat, to the Project Team which consisted of Young Professionals and the Project Manager,” he said.

As soon as the new Parliament of Fiji is elected, the Journals will allow more effective research and library facilities and improved technical advisory services to committees, thereby strengthening the Secretariat’s capacity to provide more effective support to Parliamentarians in their undertaking of legislative functions.

Secretary to Senate Mrs Viniana McGoon thanked UNDP for the assistance in establishing the Project Team who has done a lot of good work in particular this massive exercise of producing Parliamentary Journals.

Former Project Manager, Alifereti Bulivou said the Parliamentary Secretary will continue the work in journaling minutes of proceedings from both Houses dating back to 1992 as this exercise has never been done since that year.

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